Thursday, 11 February 2010

“Cupid’s Hunt:: Valentines Special Edition

Its that Time of Year Again. Amore....Love Love is everywhere. If only that were true.. Imagine if the planet could really get on board, a paradise we would live in.. So Thanks to Eugene and my good self. Im going to do my bit. Cupids Hunt is a Global podcast that is taking place this valentines day. Spread the Luuurrve people.....

So Get your candles out and your massage oils, Something nice to drink or *coughs* something a little greener. Put My cd in and let nature do the rest!! Of Course you don't really need all that stuff, just 2 kindred spirits who want to spend time together is usually all it really takes. I used to giggle at some of my male customers coming into the barber shop with frantic faces and arms full of teddies, balloons, chocolates, flowers, huge oversized cards... Id say "what are you doing?" Some men not all, but some men just dont get it do they... lol..

I personally think that romance should be incorporated into every day life.. A kind word, a cuddle, laughter, listening understanding. Just really showing that you care. It costs nothing but goes a long way to keep the flame flickering when things get tough.
A couple of years ago, My daughter got this massive basket of silk looking flowers with this very sinister looking teddy bear perched in the centre of it.. It was really really disgusting, eventually I asked her to get rid of it because it terrified us all.. (The boyfriend went shortly after)
Chuckie meets the care bears (remarkably Similar to the Boyfriend) in a garden of plastic plants!!! The funniest and sadest part to this tale of love is that he carried it on a bus in a black Bin bag.... Sigh.. The things we do for Love!!

Enjoy. And Much
I just realised that my blog is 1 year old too.. YAY!....

Download Link:

Track Listing:
You Might Need Somebody - Randy Crawford
Part Time Love - Gladys Knight
Dont Ask My Neighbor - Emotions
If Only For One Night - Luther Vandross
Hearts Are made To Be Loved - Shirley Brown
More Than You Ever Know - Donny Hathaway
Love Is Where You Find It - The Whispers
Keep Away Girls - Stephanie Mills
Sunny Days (Make Me Think Of You) - Average White Band
You Cant Hide Love - Art Webb
I Do I Do Love You - Leroy Hudson
I Aint Got To Love Nobody Else - Bobby Womack
Love Dont Strike Twice - The Blackbyrds
When You Love Someone - Maze Ft Frankie Beverly
Perfect Lover - Fredi Grace And Rhinestone
Wait For Love - Luther Vandross
Sunshine - Alexander O'neil
Good Morning Heartache - Freddie Jackson
I Dont wanna Do Wrong - Gladys Knight and The Pips



    If, by chance, you might feel like spreading the love, or feel the need of additional inspiration!

  2. such a great idea. ive done it. thanks for the inspiration. Your a star..

  3. Looking over the the playlist and to paraphrase the "other" line from the movie Jerry McGuire:
    "You had me at Randy Crawford!" {smile}

    Thanks for being a part of our event this year. Please put us on the calendar for 2011...

  4. LOL..
    it wasn't my idea, but now i know i certainly will be putting the event on my calender for next year. its a pity its only once a year...Im a sucker for a love song...or five...many thanks for your comment.

  5. I'm so loving this mix...I love Cupid's Hunt has grown I get to meet great guys like you! I will be back! Happy VDay!

  6. thank you Dj Diva!.. please do come back any time...much respect to you.


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